Friday, June 29, 2012

Egypt Inspired Nails

Today was the 24th day of the 31 Day Challenge, and the challenge was to create nails inspired by a book. My nails for today were inspired by “Year of the Hyenas,” and the sequel, “Day of the False King,” by Brad Geagley. I haven’t actually had time to finish the second book, but once things slow down a bit, I will be able to pick it back up. The books aren’t very long, but super good! They’re both about a murder in ancient Egypt and Babylon. So, I guess you could say these nails were more inspired by, “Year of the Hyenas.” Anyway, let’s get back to the nails for today:


I wanted to create nails more inspired by Egypt than book related. Otherwise, I would have painted some wine, and a lion… and well, I don’t want to say anything else in case you happen to read the books (which I definitely recommend!) :)






I used L.A. Colors- Sea Siren for my base, then used one coat of Sinful Colors- All About You on each nail, I then painted the ankh and Eye of Horus with acrylic paint on my index and ring fingers. I thought I was done, but decided it was missing something, so I added a line of small gold hexagon glitters onto the rest of my nails.

Tomorrow’s nails will be inspired by a fashion. Uh oh- I don’t follow fashion (only nail fashion :) ), so it looks like I have some googleing to do!

Oh, and if you do happen to be interested in the books I mentioned- you may have to order them; I called bookstores and searched their websites, but they didn’t have anything by the author. Luckily, I bought, “Day of the False King,” for a cheap price once I searched in in Google.


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    1. Thanks! I actually think I liked the pictures better than when I would actually look at my nails!