Monday, May 27, 2013

Neon Black and White One Stroke Nail Art

Hey guys! Look who’s posting two weeks in a row! This girl :D

For today’s nails, I drew my inspiration from Tartofraises. I absolutely love the neon yellow and green gradient she created! Plus, I’ve really been feeling the whole summer vibe around here (minus the past week where it’s been rather chilly. I have hope that it will warm up soon though :) ).


I decided to give one stroke a go for this design. This is the second time I was happy enough with my attempt with one stroke nails to leave them on. this is a step up from my first attempt- it’s more thank just petals from the side; there’s almost a whole flower there!


To start out, I used two coats of a white base. Then I sponged e.l.f. – Neon Yellow and Neon Green onto my nails. Next, I applied one coat of e.l.f. – Fairy Dust. (what’s up with the overload of e.l.f. products? haha). To create the one stroke flowers I used black and white Oumaxi acrylic paints, then outlined them using a Stripe Rite striper in black. I also used my black striper to create the leaves and tribal designs.


I’m really happy with the way these nails turned out! I love the contrast between the black and neon base. I think it really makes them pop and stand out.

Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Great Gatsby Inspired Nail Art

Hello beauts. Long time no write? My apologies. I’m planning on doing a hiatus post along with my thoughts and dilemmas in the future.

Until then, I have a lot of catching up to do. I would really like to post my nails in chronological order, but I decided to post my Gatsby nails first since it’s still pretty recent, with the movie still being in theatres.


I read The Great Gatsby a while back, and once I saw that there was a new Gatsby movie coming out, I was super ecstatic. Naturally, I wanted matching nails to go see it, so I decided to use the Jay Gatsby logo from the movie and the notable eyes of Dr. TJ Eckleburg.DSCN2578

For my index finger, I used Sally Hansen – Blew Me Away! as my base, and lightly sponged Pure Ice – French Kiss around. I then used a gold, black, and white Stripe Rite Striper to create all of the details. I used a mix of Blew Me Away! and French Kiss to make the pupils.

For my ring finger, I used a base of Wet n Wild – Black Crème and used a gold Stripe Rite Striper to make the logo.

For my non-accent nails, I used Wet n Wild – Black Crème for my base and created a gradient, using a gold glitter by Cosmetic Arts, e.l.f. – Golden Goddess, and an Art Deco – Gold Glitter striper.


I don’t quite remember how to post. So, uh, have a nice day :) Oh, and thanks for sticking with me regardless of my pathetic attempt at blogging for the past few months :)