Monday, April 23, 2012

Autism Awareness Gumball Nails

I think these nails are the perfect end to autism awareness month. I must say that I am a little saddened that this is the last full week of April, because I will miss this challenge. It really was a challenge trying to come up with different ideas each week, and one design didn’t come out as I had hoped (see end of post). I’m sure I will be doing more autism nails next year.



Again, most people would just believe that these nails are ordinary dots, but the idea came from the traditional autism awareness colors. No, this was not inspired by Wonder bread. I thought that it looked a lot like Wonder bread until I added the light blue. Now it’s not too bad…


I used Red Red from Wet n Wild, French Kiss from Pure Ice, Mellow Yellow and Blew Me Away from Sally Hansen.

Here are my failed nails:


I suppose they don’t look that bad in the photo, but they were not satisfying to me at all. I had to add a ton of layers to make it opaque, but that didn’t work very well anyway. After all of the layers it bubbled up a lot, especially at the very tips.

I’m liking my new nail length. They’re so… fresh? They’re also super square now, which I love!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New York Color-Lincoln Square Lavender & Big City Dazzle with L.A. Colors-Glistening Purple

This is what I wore for after I fixed my nasty splits. I only planned on wearing it for one day, but kept it for an extra day because it is so pretty.

I think Lincoln Square Lavender is pretty on its own, but decided it needed a little something. I had a few glitter polishes I never actually used, so this was the perfect opportunity! The problem was which one to use… so I used two. I put a layer of Big City Dazzle over my nails, then added Glistening Purple from L.A. Colors, then once more added another coat of Big City Dazzle overtop of it all.




Big City Dazzle sure is one seductive glitter :D

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Savvy-Mango & Sally Hansen-Set The Stage

I want to get rid of a few pictures I’ve had on tile for a while before I post anything new (with my newly shorter nails). This post features Femme Couture Savvy’s Mango and Sally Hansen’s Set The Stage.


These pictures don’t do much justice to Mango. Even when I bought it I wasn’t super crazy for it, but it truly is a beautiful polish!


I put one coat of Sally Hansen’s Set The Stage on my ring finger. I believe that the two polishes make a perfect match.




I’ve been considering doing more swatch related posts. What do you think? Was this a good start?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Autism Awareness Puzzle Pieces French Tips

You can easily tell these nails are for autism awareness (compared to last week’s autism nails).
Oddly enough, my right hand turned out better than my left.. and I’m right handed! Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of my right hand :(
I used acrylic paint to make the puzzle pieces after creating my french manicure.
I’ve had a bit of nail karma… What I mean by that is since I was too busy to post these nails earlier this week, I believe the Nail Goddess decided to punish me by creating a small split on my left index finger a few days ago. I patched it up, and went on until today, when I found another split right beneath my first split! I patched it up also, but decided that this weekend I will be –dare I say it- cutting my nails! Since the splits were pretty low, I will be dealing with my patches for a while :(

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Autism Awareness Swirls nails

I think a lot of people believe there is only an autism awareness day, but there is actually a whole month dedicated to autism awareness. Yep, you guessed it- that month is this month!
I know that the autism symbol is a puzzle piece, but these nails were inspired by the traditional colors of autism (dark blue, light blue, yellow, and red) and this bracelet.
I love that none of them are uniform! They are also really simple! I painted a thick coat of yellow on my nail and added a drop of each color, took a toothpick and swirled it all around.
With only one day of wearing this design, I’ve received a lot of compliments! Every time someone commented on them, I had to hurry up and push my sleeve up so they could see my matching bracelet. I also wanted them to know the reason for this design.
I used:
  • Blue Me Away! – Sally Hansen
  • Red Red – Wet n Wild
  • French Kiss – Pure Ice
  • Mellow Yellow – Sally Hansen

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chicken nails

I might as well say these nails are for Easter… (but they’re not). It is actually a strange story:

My friend just bought six chicks and she somehow came up with the conclusion that I am after them and I am going to eat them. I had to prove to her that I will not eat her chickens, so I decided to show some love the best way I know- nails!


Thumb – brown eggs, Index finger – chicks, Middle finger – white eggs, Ring finger – chicken, Pinky finger – chicken footprints


It is a little hard to see the chicks, and I’m actually kind of glad because they didn’t come out the way I had hoped.


Yet again, I wasn’t having a good picture day, and most of them came out blurry, so my apologies for that.


On my thumb I used Nina Ultra Pro – Leaf Me Alone and I also added a green shimmer on top of it. On my middle finger I used Sinful Colors – Mint Apple.


I used OPI – Italian Love Affair on my index finger. On my ring finger I used China Glaze – Solar Power. On my pinky I used Rimmel – Magnetise.