Sunday, April 22, 2012

New York Color-Lincoln Square Lavender & Big City Dazzle with L.A. Colors-Glistening Purple

This is what I wore for after I fixed my nasty splits. I only planned on wearing it for one day, but kept it for an extra day because it is so pretty.

I think Lincoln Square Lavender is pretty on its own, but decided it needed a little something. I had a few glitter polishes I never actually used, so this was the perfect opportunity! The problem was which one to use… so I used two. I put a layer of Big City Dazzle over my nails, then added Glistening Purple from L.A. Colors, then once more added another coat of Big City Dazzle overtop of it all.




Big City Dazzle sure is one seductive glitter :D


  1. Lovely combination. And that base color is super pretty - reminds me of the new Color Club collection polish Sweet Pea.