Thursday, April 19, 2012

Autism Awareness Puzzle Pieces French Tips

You can easily tell these nails are for autism awareness (compared to last week’s autism nails).
Oddly enough, my right hand turned out better than my left.. and I’m right handed! Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of my right hand :(
I used acrylic paint to make the puzzle pieces after creating my french manicure.
I’ve had a bit of nail karma… What I mean by that is since I was too busy to post these nails earlier this week, I believe the Nail Goddess decided to punish me by creating a small split on my left index finger a few days ago. I patched it up, and went on until today, when I found another split right beneath my first split! I patched it up also, but decided that this weekend I will be –dare I say it- cutting my nails! Since the splits were pretty low, I will be dealing with my patches for a while :(


  1. I love these puzzle pieces! they are so adorable! great job!
    Shame about the nail splits :( They are awful annoying! That nail goddess is fairly mean to ruin your lovely nails :P

    1. Thank you so much! Everyone deals with splits and other accidents on occasion, so at least I'm not alone :)