Monday, January 30, 2012

Purple Hearts nail art

I wasn’t feeling super creative over the weekend, so I decided to go for a simple two color design:
Yes, your eyes see correctly: my nails are a bit yellow. I do use basecoat, but what can you expect from someone who paints her nails all the time and hardly ever goes without polish?
I created a french tip in a pastel purple and with a slightly darker purple I made hearts (you can use a detail brush, dotting tool, toothpick, etc.). 102_2222
These are the polishes I used:102_2229
I do not know the name for the Cosmetic Arts polish (sorry), and the E.l.f. polish is called Lilac. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Valentine Princess nails

Yes, the title is kind of lame, but it suites the design:


I’m usually not a super sparkly pink kind of girl, but they are quite festive (you have to admit).

To recreate this design, you would apply a french base, then make a pink french tip, apply glitter over entire nail, and finally add heart spangles around the area of the tip. Easy enough?


The pink is ElePhantastic Pink from OPI, and The glitter is Disco Ball from Sally Hansen.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nerdy Nails–Second Installment

I am not happy with the result. I think it may be the color, or perhaps I wasn’t feeling geeky…

The lighting was bad when I finished them:


If you wanted to make punctuation nails you could use whatever punctuation/symbols you wanted. I used: ; : ) ( , / ! ? . -


I used a copper color nail polish for the base and a very dark brown  for the punctuation (it looks black in the picture). The copper color used was Copper Penny from Relvon:


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Icy Nails


I did these nails in December. Of course I didn’t have a blog then, so I just took pictures for future reference, so this was the only decent quality one I had.


They are super easy to create: I painted my nails a sheer blue, then once dry I sponged the rest onto the tips (you can’t really tell that I sponged it in the picture). To finish it off, I applied some topcoat and added large blue (dark and light) hexagons. I also added some small blue hexagon glitters.


The blue I used was Splash from Pure Ice.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nerdy Nails


Who is up for some fun chemistry nails? They are very colorful and attention grabbing(..of course I didn’t give anyone the chance to notice them, since I was so excited about them that I waved them in everyone’s face Smile ).


Potassium is green (Wet n Wild – Jade), Copper, gold, silver, and mercury are purple (Savvy – Gotcha Grape), lead and tin are blue (Rimmel – Green with Envy), nitrogen and hydrogen are white (Orly – Au Champagne), and oxygen is magenta (New York Color 239).


I love how bright they are compared to what I have been wearing. It makes me miss summer!


If you were to recreate this nail design, you could use your favorite elements and the colors of your choice.


I’m highly considering making a series of “Nerdy Nails,” so don’t be surprised when it comes! Actually, you can probably expect some next week!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bargain Shopping!

I went to Sally’s with only the intention on finding a few Finger Paints Special Effects, but only found two. With my luck, they were the same (Flashy). I guess that’s good though, since it made the decision easy (I didn’t want to buy all of them…Okay, I did want to have all of them; I just didn’t want to buy all of them since I’ve been trying to save money). On the plus side, I checked out their clearance rack and found one of Orly’s Stone Cold. I guess they are also getting rid of all their Savvy polishes too since they were all on the rack as well. There were a lot to pick from, but I decided on just two: Touch of Glitter and Cotcha Grape.
                    Touch of Glitter^                                                                             Flashy^
I also went to Dollar Tree, trying to find some drawer liners. I couldn’t just pass the beauty isle! I’m always curious to see what they get in. I found this pack of nail accessories. I didn’t really need the rhinestones; I bought it for the glitter and stars.
Instructions were included, but I already know how to do everything. I suppose a beginner might need them though. It’s actually a great starter kit for nail art. I usually order my nail accessories online for cheap, but I couldn't pass this up!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Breast Cancer nails


Yes, I know it is no longer Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but you can paint your nails like this anytime you want! These pictures were from my files, so that’s why I’m uploading it now.


Please ignore the bubbles caused by my topcoat. I now have a better quality topcoat, so the problem should be solved!

I used a shiny/shimmery pink polish for my french base on all of my fingers except my ring finger. I then took a white polish and made french tips. I used large and medium sized dotting tools in order to create the dots in different shades of pinks. As for my ring fingers, I painted them a light pink and with a bright pink striper (you could also use a paintbrush with pink polish) I made a simple ribbon. To make them a little more eye catching, I added some large, dark translucent pink hexagon glitters.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fish Scale Nails




If you’re wondering why these nails are so brightly colored for the winter, it’s because the photo is actually from the summer. I painted my nails an orange color and used a gold striper to create the fish scales on my ring fingers. I used a gold glitter polish and added a few large gold hexagons to all of the nails other than the ring finger.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Nails

This was the simple design I wore for New Year's. Although it is no longer New Year's Eve, you can wear them anytime you want. Maybe you're like me and will paint your nails with a New Year's theme later in January, or maybe you just like sparkly nails!