Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bargain Shopping!

I went to Sally’s with only the intention on finding a few Finger Paints Special Effects, but only found two. With my luck, they were the same (Flashy). I guess that’s good though, since it made the decision easy (I didn’t want to buy all of them…Okay, I did want to have all of them; I just didn’t want to buy all of them since I’ve been trying to save money). On the plus side, I checked out their clearance rack and found one of Orly’s Stone Cold. I guess they are also getting rid of all their Savvy polishes too since they were all on the rack as well. There were a lot to pick from, but I decided on just two: Touch of Glitter and Cotcha Grape.
                    Touch of Glitter^                                                                             Flashy^
I also went to Dollar Tree, trying to find some drawer liners. I couldn’t just pass the beauty isle! I’m always curious to see what they get in. I found this pack of nail accessories. I didn’t really need the rhinestones; I bought it for the glitter and stars.
Instructions were included, but I already know how to do everything. I suppose a beginner might need them though. It’s actually a great starter kit for nail art. I usually order my nail accessories online for cheap, but I couldn't pass this up!