Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hamlet Nail Art

I’m a little bummed Valentine’s day is over because now I can’t cop out and do hearts on my nails when I’m not feeling very creative. Plus, I was really getting into the pinks and reds.

My nails for the week were inspired by Hamlet by William Shakespeare. It was a pretty good book. I mean, it must have been good enough to put on my nails, right?

DSCN3776 DSCN3788 

I wanted a very muted base color, so I used OPI – Glints of Glinda. I used three coats, and it is still sheer enough that you can see my visible nail line, but I've gotten over the compulsive need for opaque polishes. Also, I think it fits these nails very well.

I used acrylic paint to add all of the flowers and skull. The skull is obviously Yorick’s, and is a very symbolic piece of the work. The pearl represents the pearl in the wine at the fencing match. The flowers are all of those that Ophelia handed to everyone, and the crown is pretty self explanatory.



Thanks for reading and have a great week!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Yourself Nail Art

Love means something different to everyone. There is no right or wrong.
I believe in truly loving yourself. You are the only person that you have for your entire lifespan. That means you better believe in yourself. Loving ourselves is what gets us through rough times. Valentine’s day is mainly viewed as a two person holiday. There are so many people that become saddened over the holiday because they don’t have a significant other. If we all loved ourselves we wouldn't feel the need for another half. I believe every person should view themselves as a whole and nothing less.
We all go through bad days and just want to dig a hole and lay in it. I know. I do it too. What helps me through it is knowing that I have myself and I believe in myself that I will get through it. A lot of the time I’m sad is because I’m around negative people. Those people do not love themselves enough. I've gone through bullying throughout my years in middle school, which made me want to die. I would come home crying everyday, I didn't care what happened to me. I wanted to be gone. I wished for my bullies to know what they had done to me. I had absolutely no confidence and I felt like I was decaying. It took me years to build my confidence back up and beyond. I did it through loved ones. They loved me and taught me to love myself.
I have a much more positive perspective now. If I have a bad day I snap myself out of it by asking myself, “Are you just being grumpy?” and realize my worries and troubles are nothing.
For my nail art, I used e.l.f. – Light Red as my base and then two coats of Morgan Taylor – Rare as Rubies (Rare of Rubies is one of my absolute favorite glitter polishes I own! I feel so good and confident with it on; kind of like when you wear your favorite outfit). I used a white Stripe Rite striper to make a big heart on my ring finger which served as an ‘o.’ I then spelled out ‘love’ by adding a cursive ‘L’ at the top and ‘ve’ at the end.
What does love mean to you?
Thanks for reading <3
P.s. I love you all so much and without you, I would not continue to blog. Blogging makes me happy, therefore you make me happy. You can’t see it, but I’m making a kissy face just for you guys :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine’s Kiss Nail Art

I had a different idea for my nails this week, but after trying and failing at them twice, I decided to go for something a little less complicated. Very simple, but I still really like them.


For my all of my nails except my ring fingers, I used LA Colors – BCC 575 as my base, the added OPI – Which is Witch?. The base of my accent nail is Sinful Colors – Easy Going. For the lips, I used OPI – Pink-ing of You, and added a bit of shimmer to the corners using Nicole by OPI – Kim-pletely In Love.


At first, I wasn’t too fond of my non accent nails (mainly the LA Colors foil polish), but I now realized I really like them! Kind of blingy, but not too much whatsoever :)


How do you feel about foil polishes?

Thanks for reading!!