Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nerdy Nails


Who is up for some fun chemistry nails? They are very colorful and attention grabbing(..of course I didn’t give anyone the chance to notice them, since I was so excited about them that I waved them in everyone’s face Smile ).


Potassium is green (Wet n Wild – Jade), Copper, gold, silver, and mercury are purple (Savvy – Gotcha Grape), lead and tin are blue (Rimmel – Green with Envy), nitrogen and hydrogen are white (Orly – Au Champagne), and oxygen is magenta (New York Color 239).


I love how bright they are compared to what I have been wearing. It makes me miss summer!


If you were to recreate this nail design, you could use your favorite elements and the colors of your choice.


I’m highly considering making a series of “Nerdy Nails,” so don’t be surprised when it comes! Actually, you can probably expect some next week!


  1. Eeeeeee... I actually did chemistry nails for valentines day ((Lu)tetium+(V)anadium+(Y)ttrium+(O)xygen+(U)ranium = Luv You). So I was super excited when I found these!!! But your look much nicer than mine. Next time I'll use a brush rather than a dotting tool.