Monday, May 27, 2013

Neon Black and White One Stroke Nail Art

Hey guys! Look who’s posting two weeks in a row! This girl :D

For today’s nails, I drew my inspiration from Tartofraises. I absolutely love the neon yellow and green gradient she created! Plus, I’ve really been feeling the whole summer vibe around here (minus the past week where it’s been rather chilly. I have hope that it will warm up soon though :) ).


I decided to give one stroke a go for this design. This is the second time I was happy enough with my attempt with one stroke nails to leave them on. this is a step up from my first attempt- it’s more thank just petals from the side; there’s almost a whole flower there!


To start out, I used two coats of a white base. Then I sponged e.l.f. – Neon Yellow and Neon Green onto my nails. Next, I applied one coat of e.l.f. – Fairy Dust. (what’s up with the overload of e.l.f. products? haha). To create the one stroke flowers I used black and white Oumaxi acrylic paints, then outlined them using a Stripe Rite striper in black. I also used my black striper to create the leaves and tribal designs.


I’m really happy with the way these nails turned out! I love the contrast between the black and neon base. I think it really makes them pop and stand out.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. this is soooo summery and pretty! i tried doing one-strokes once...that was fail lol yours are really nice :)

    1. Thank you so much!! One-stroke is very tricky, but hopefully with practice we'll be *AMAZING* at it :) haha