Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Black and White Framed Nails

Today is day 7 of the 31 Day Challenge. The theme was black and white nails. I guess I wasn’t in a very artsy mood, because everything I had in my mind didn’t turn out as I had hoped. These are the nails I settled for:
Today was the first time I ever tried framed nails. They look like stitching to me.
Like my pitiful excuse for a clean up job? Honestly, I can’t even stand to look at these pictures. My cuticles are drying out from all of the nail polish remover from the past days. I will be moisturizing like crazy tonight.
I think the reason the past two days’ nails having turned out bad is because I actually have to post the day of the challenge. I am so used to posting as I please, and taking pictures whenever I want. I feel I have been pressed for time with this challenge. I hope I adjust quickly; I still have 24 days of this left…
See you tomorrow: day 8; metallic nails.


  1. You are far too hard on yourself!! I love the way this turned out. I think the stitching effect is adorable even if it wasn't what you had planned to do.