Monday, December 31, 2012

Tentacle Nails and My (Somewhat) Matching Scarf!

As I mentioned in my previous post, yesterday, I like tentacles. I’m not quite sure why, but there is just something about them that attracts me. I made a tentacle scarf, to express my love for them, so it inspired my nails.
I used two coats of New York Color- Mint Breeze for my base, and for the tentacles, I used Finger Paints – Scenery Greenery and Orly – Decoded for the dots.
Now, for my inspirational scarf:
It took me a while to make, but I was able to finish the <6 feet grey part while watching a Lord of the Rings marathon. It took me a few days to complete the entire scarf. Those few days consisted of me drinking a lot of tea, watching a lot of movies, and listening to a lot of podcasts, all while sitting in the corner of my couch.
DSCN1797This is the mug my friend made for me. It says “Abby G,” but my first, middle, and last name does not have a G in it. She calls me Abby G because she’s disappointed she can’t call me Abigail, considering my real name is just Abby. So, there’s a new fun fact for you about me :)
The scarf was inspired by this scarf I came across while looking for a pattern. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a pattern, so I made my own. I wrote it down, though, and may post it on Ravelry, if I get around to it.
The print in earthy blue is just me talking about my scarf, so if you don’t care, you can just skip down to the black print :)
I brought forth my inner 3 year old when I finished my scarf, and went about for a few days acting like I was stuck to everything I touched.

-SPOILER ALERT FOR THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN- When Peter first gets his powers in the movie, he can’t type because he tore the keys from his keyboard, leading him to mistype. Well, I had the same problem; I tried to type with my tentacles on. It didn’t work out so well, but I’ll admit that I didn’t tear the keys off of my keyboard.
-SPOILER ALERT FOR CLASH OF THE TITANS- Okay, well it’s not much of a spoiler, but when the Kraken was called forth, I shouted “My part’s coming up!”

I texted someone, saying “I like tentacles. I have some. Sometimes I’m an octopus, but when I feel threatened, I turn into the kraken.” The response I got back was, “Seems legit.”

Before I bid you farewell I’d like to ask something of you; as some of you may know, I wish to start a non-nail related blog, but don’t think I want to use Blogger for it. I plan on just posting my random thoughts and pictures on it. I’m trying to do some social media shopping, but don’t know which way to go. Twitter or Tumblr? I’m thinking Tumblr, but I’d like your input if you have any :) (I’m not a fan of social media. I have a Facebook from a few years ago, but never use it.)
Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. This is amazing! And that scarf is FANTASTIC!

    1. Thank you! Thank you! I am quite proud of my scarf :)

  2. you nails are so cool, very tim burton-esque

    1. Thanks! I haven't really thought about that!