Thursday, December 13, 2012

Buddy the Elf and Mr. Narwhal Nail Art

Last week I asked someone what I should paint on my nails next week, and she said Buddy the elf. I uneasily nodded, because I’m not used to painting faces, and it is easily one of my weaknesses (but I am still pretty proud of my Poe nails). Well, the weekend came and with the help of Google Images, I found some pictures I could go off of.


I painted Buddy and Mr. Narwhal on index and ring fingers, and for the rest I went for a yellow and green colour combination, inspired by Buddy’s attire.



I used China Glaze – Kinetic Candy for Buddy’s background colour, a white polish for Mr. Narwhal’s background, and Sally Hansen – Mellow Yellow for the rest of my nails. I’m not going to bother listing the nail polish used for the characters, but if you’d like to know just ask! I used green striping tape for my non-character nails.

For those of you who use striping tape, I have a question: how do you keep it on? This is my first time using it, and it didn’t want to stay on. The shiny film on top of the sticker part has peeled off of all but one of my nails. I always use top coat, too. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Thanks for reading :)