Saturday, December 29, 2012

Doctor Who Inspired Nails

My friend and I decided to have a Doctor Who day, so I needed some matching nails, right? I’ll take any excuse for themed nails.

DSCN1747 DSCN1732

I decided to go for the logo on my ring fingers, and for the rest of my nails I made the 4th Doctor’s scarf (which is a pretty sick scarf, if you ask me!). I tried to make it as if it was hanging there freely, so that’s why it doesn’t look like the perfect french tip.


For my french base, I used OPI – So Many Clowns… So Little Time, and a combination of polishes for the scarf. As for my ring finger- I first applied Finger Paints – Gallery Glam, followed by one coat of Sally Hansen – Laser. I then painted the logo on with a metallic silver polish. I placed a rhinestone on top to represent the light, then made it even better by putting some glow-in-the-dark polish on top of the rhinestone.


Hope you enjoyed!


  1. LOVE THIS! Evey day should be Doctor Who day!

    1. Thanks Kas! We had planned on watching it, but it ended up being more of a background noise. I painted some Doctor Who nails for her, too, so I guess you could still call it a Doctor Who day! haha