Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crackle Pattern Nails

Today’s challenge (day 26) was to create nails inspired by a pattern. I thought that was kind of silly because there was an entire category dedicated to pattern nails. I get what  you’re supposed to do- be inspired by any pattern, even if it was a pattern on your shirt. The problem was I wasn’t inspired by anything, and I have been feeling sorry for my one and only crackle polish I bought, when crackles were just becoming popular, that I’ve only ever used once! So, with that said, it is obvious that I wanted to use my crackle polish. After all, crackle is a pattern. I’ve seen many hair appliances with a crackle pattern on them.


I applied Funky Fingers- Cottage Stripes to my nails, then used one coat of China Glaze- Black Mesh. It was okay, but a bit boring, so I tried layering Wet n Wild- How I Met Your Magenta overtop of everything. I liked it better, but you can be the judge:


I think the picture above looks the prettiest :)



So, what do you think of my lazy way out of a challenge? I’m not too much of a fan of crackle on myself, but I believe it looks beautiful on others. Maybe it’s because I only own black. I think I would like a white better.

Tomorrow’s challenge is to create nails inspired by artwork.

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