Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Super Natural Inspired Nails

Okay, so today is day 29, which meant supernatural inspired nails. Well, I felt kind of weird thinking of ghost and alien nails when it isn’t even Halloween, so I decided to cheat and put a space between “super” and “natural,” making it “super natural,” (as in super nature).

I tried to make my nails look like a super nature scene, with really green plants. (I tried making a dark green tree, but the green used for my grass and the green used for my tree were too similar, so I decided t make it a shimmery tree instead :) )


How super natural is this? Sparkly grass and flowers… Pretty super if you ask me!

I used Finger Paints – Go Van Gogh! for my green background, and used Finger Paints – Scenery Greenery for my grass patches. My shimmery tree was made with Wet n Wild – Jade. I’m not going to bother writing all of the polishes used for the flowers because I used multiple ones, and you can’t really see them very well, but if you have questions, you can always ask :)



Tomorrow’s nails will be inspired by a tutorial. That will be a little tough choosing one, because there are so many good tutorials out there!

Oh, and Happy Fourth of July to all of those celebrating!


  1. I don't know even if it is with flowers it creates me a Christmas feeling. But I love the green polish, and the shine of this mani is absolutely amazing. What kind of top coat do you use?

    1. Yeah, it reminds me of Christmas too. I think it is the tree, and the dark green polish. Plus, the hexagons kind of look like Christmas lights!
      As for my top coat- I use a lot of different brands depending on what I've done to my nails, and how much time I want to wait for them to dry. For these nails, I used "Beauty Secrets Top Coat- Fast fishish polish dryer." It is actually one of my least favorite top coats because it tends to smear my nail art (especially black!), and doesn't dry as fast as I want it to. I've thought about doing a top coat comparison. Do you think you and others would be interested in that?