Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July Nails

Today’s challenge, for day 28, was to create nails inspired by a flag. I actually wanted to create nails for a country other than the country I live in, but I thought I would get into the festivities of the Fourth of July :)





Index finger: I applied 2 coats of Wet n Wild- Red Red, and added red, white, and blue star spangles (see comparison at the end of the post), going from top to bottom.

Middle finger: I painted my middle finger white (L.A. Colors – Energy Source), and used L.A. Colors – Live (silver), Pure Ice –French Kiss (blue), and Wet n Wild – Red Red (red) for the dry marble.

Ring finger: I painted my nail white and used a detail brush to make a small blue square (Pure Ice – French Kiss). I then used my detail brush again to make red stripes (some of them were a bit messy, so I used a white Stripe Rite striper to even them out a bit). I then placed small silver hexagons to the blue area to represent the stars. By the way- I didn’t actually count the stripes as I made them, but once I was done, I counted and actually ended up with 13!! Crazy :D

Pinky and Thumb: I painted my nails with Orly – Rock Solid, and then used a silver (L.A. Colors Art Deco – Silver + Color Club Art Club – Fine Silver), red (L.A. Colors Art Deco – Red Glitter), and blue (L.A. Colors Art Deco – Blue Glitter) striper to create fireworks.


Okay, you may call me a liar because the star spangles don’t look like the colors I said they were, but trust me- they are :)


The white looks like it is purple/pink, but here is a comparison. It looks purple/pink because of the pretty film put on top of them :)

The blue also doesn’t look blue, but here is a better comparison between the pink, white and blue spangles (in that order):



Also, the red doesn't look red; it looks more like a dark pink, but here is a comparison between the red and dark pink:





Sorry if that was a confusing post! Writing all of the different polishes and stripers was confusing to me! Here are all of the polishes I used today: (maybe the picture will clarify my confusing wording)


Have a great day! See you tomorrow for nails inspired by the supernatural…


  1. your dry marble turned out reallyyyy cool! the flag on your ring finger looks perfect too (:

    1. Thank you! I think the dry marble was my favorite nail for this mani :)