Saturday, September 21, 2013

Textured Dinosaur Nail Art + Ebalay Warm Orange Glitter Review

Hello all! Have you forgotten about me? I’ve been busy and am currently recovering from a cold. I had to leave cosmetology early one night because it was so bad. That is the first time I’ve ever (in 1+ years) done that! Now when I add my hours up, I have a pesky .5 hour. I can deal.

I’ve received some products from KKCenterHk to review a few weeks ago, and am just now getting to posting one of them (the other is on it’s way, but I have yet to create any magical nail art with it yet :) ). I was sent Elbalay Warm Orange Glitter for today’s post. I’ve decided to use an unused green textured polish to create some dino nails because I love orange and green together.


My non-accent nails have a base of NYC – Peaches ‘N Cream, and were topped with Elbalay 018.

For the base of my dinosaur nails, I used NYC – French White Tip. Next, I used a black Stripe Rite Striper to create the outline of my dino, then filled the spikes on his head in with China Glaze – Starboard. I then added my top coat, and finally filled in my dinosaur with China Glaze – In The Rough. I did not add top coat after using the textured polish in order to maintain the effect of the textured polish.


The Elbalay Warm Orange glitter I was sent was super easy to work with. The cap wasn’t as threaded as most polishes, but that didn’t affect the polish at all. It didn’t require any thinner, either. It has multi shaped matte white glitters, a semi matte orange hexagon glitter, and tiny iridescent blue glitter.
It went on easily, and came off easier than most glitters I’ve worked with. I didn’t use any peel off base coats; I just removed it with nail polish remover. Some of the glitters (like most glitters) were suctioned to my nail, so I was able to pop them off with my other nails. Usually when I remove glitter polish with nail polish remover and have to pop off some of the glitters, it damages my nails, and I have to buff where it tore the layer of my nail. This time I didn’t have that problem! To me, that is unusual, but made me very happy :)


You can find Elbalay 018 on KKCenterHk’s website, along with many other colours, polishes, and nail art products.

Thanks for reading! What do you think of multi shaped and coloured glitters?

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