Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mix and Match School Nail Art

Hey all, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! I’m soaking up the last bit of summer vacation before high school starts on Tuesday. Blah.
I. Hate. High. School.
Cosmo all the way!!

I also painted my neighbors’ nails for their first days of school. They look tooooo cuuuuute! One got tie dye and peace signs and the other got ladybugs because the dress she’s wearing on the first day has ladybugs on it. I hope their nails last for a few days (at least for the first day!)!

So, these are my nails for my first day of school. I’ve been loving mix match nails lately. I went for something simple that wouldn’t bother me if it got messed up when doing other things. This week in cosmetology, I believe we’re doing pedicures and hair washing, so my nails are bound to chip and/or peel. Plus, the weather will soon be colder, which will make my nails on the brittle side.


I’m not sure how I feel about these nails.. I like them, but wish I would have done some of them differently. I do know that I love the polka dot nail!! I think the polka dots and colours really lengthen my nails.


Index: I used Nina Ultra Pro – Gladiator for my base, then used Nina Ultra Pro – Black to add some polka dots.
Middle: I used Orly – Decades Of Dysfunction as my base and Sally Hansen – Set The Stage to top it off.
Ring: I used Finger Paints – Don’t Make A Scene as my base with two coats of Orly – Pink Flakie Topcoat (very hard to see). I used Nina Ultra Pro – Black and Sinful Colors – Hazard to make a bow.
Pinky: Nina Ultra Pro – Black with gold striping tape.
Thumb: Finger Paints – Don’t Make A Scene  with two coats of Orly – Pink Flakie Topcoat.


Thanks for reading!!

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  1. this is so cute, i love each nail and they really go together!