Sunday, September 8, 2013

Black and White Slanted Checkered Nail Art

This week’s nails were inspired by these ones. I am a complete fan of black and white nails. I think they look classy regardless of the design. Polka dots, stripes, checkered, houndstooth (one of my fav patterned nails I’ve done), etc.


For these nails I used a white base of NYC – French White Tip as my base, and used a black Stripe Rite to create the pattern. My non-accent nails have a base of Rimmel London – Green With Envy with hot pink rhinestones applied towards the cuticle.


What are your views on black and white nails?

On a completely unrelated topic: I finally attempted to take my drivers license test… and I passed!! WHOOO! When I stopped the car, he asked me how I thought I did and I was still really nervous and kept staring at the steering wheel and said “I don’t know,” in the most worried voice. He told me I was his first pass of the day :D We went in the DMV when it was over and my mom gave me this worried look and later told me that she thought I failed because my face was soooo red! haha! I was soooo nervous though!
So, yeah, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m done worrying about one of the most important tests in my life. Until a few months when I can take my practical (theory) test for Cosmetology. One step at a time…

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. this looks really cool, i love it!

    congrats on your license!! I took my test 3 times before I passed. I was soooo nervous and at the end the instructor said that he should fail me, but since i picked up on a little hint he gave me during my parallel park, he passed me. I was so nervous I was crying and shaking, but I got my licence (at 22 years old lol)