Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tie Dye Nail Art

In my town, there is this tie dye magician. Seriously, he doesn’t do just the ordinary tie dye- he makes masterpieces! I just bought a shirt off of him, and instantly knew I wanted my nails to match it.


Before I go onto more pictures of my nails, check out my inspiration:


DSCN0756 DSCN0753


I wanted my colors to blend together, so I diluted them with nail polish remover. Then, I used a detail brush to paint the little spots. I started with the black and went outwards from there. The smaller black dots were made with a pushpin needle.

I used a blue L.A. Colors for the rest of my nails. My bottle doesn’t have a number or name, but I think it is either Static Electricity or Shock.

This was the first time I ever timed myself when doing my nails. It turns out that it took me 20 minutes just to do one accent nail. I don’t think that’s too long for such beauty, but then I look and my ring finger, and think “That’s a long time for just one nail! It’s a good thing I only did two!” What do you think? Is that a long time?


  1. this looks AWESOME!! you did an amazing job on the tye dye :D

    1. Thank you so much! It didn't look very nice when I started, but when I was almost done, I reassured myself :)

  2. Very cool - looks almost identical to the fabric!

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  4. Well, sometimes I try myself in some nail art and it takes me long... 20 minutes is ok but... not always... depending on the time you have available... I'm impressed with this nail art of yours, really beautiful. And perfect! Congratulations!
    Esmaltes, Makeup & Cia.

    1. I agree with you- sometimes I don't have a lot of time to do my nails, so I have to settle for something simple. It is nice, though, when you have the time!