Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NYC–Mint Breeze with L.A. Colors Art Deco–Teal Glitter

I am a bit of a teal, turquoise, and mint color junkie. I picked up Mint Breeze a week or so ago even though I knew I didn’t need it. Let’s be honest- most of us don’t need any more polish of any kind, but it sure is an addiction. I’d say a pretty cheap addiction, too… Well, for the most part; buying every single collection and Chanel polishes proves to not be as wallet friendly.

Anyway, I had no clue as to what I wanted to paint on my nails once I applied Mint Breeze. I then thought that I had an unused glitter striper that would match it pretty nicely.




I also thought about what I wanted on my accent nails, and decided on hearts from Kleancolor – Twinkly Love. I placed them individually onto my nails. Perhaps you picked up on the scratches on the hearts? I guess I picked them up with too much force with my toothpick (behold my strong hand versus the wimpy hearts! haha).

Did any of you pick up on the cracks on my nails? I blame the top coat I was trying.


  1. turquoise sparkle on turquoise makes such a nice subtle but bling effect!

  2. I've just loved this phrase of yours: "Let’s be honest- most of us don’t need any more polish of any kind, but it sure is an addiction." Yes, you're right, we can resist this! I love teal and turquoise too, they're impressive and impressive is this polish you're wearing! These heart shaped glitters are lovely!
    I will use this phrase on my blog, ok? But, if you don't like it, tell me, please, it was really fun =D
    Esmaltes, Make-up & Cia.

    1. I would appreciate it if you would give me credit for it; at the end of it put my blog address/url. Thank you for the the comment and letting me know you wanted to use it.

  3. the glitter striping totally rocks!!

    1. Thanks! I think I might have to do more glitter stripes!