Monday, June 24, 2013

Ripped Rainbow Animal Print Nail Art


Hey guys, today’s post is from a while ago, but I’m still trying to post all of my old manicures! This is a very summery gradient with torn scratch marks. I don’t know how much it actually looks like scratch marks, but I did get many compliments on it. I actually got the idea from this post from Rebecca Likes Nails. I didn’t have the plate she used, so I did a little free handing.

(Please excuse the orange cuticles! I didn’t have any acetone to clean them up!)


For the gradient I used Funky Fingers – Electric Sunset, e.l.f. – Neon Yellow, e.l.f. – Neon Green, and Sally Hansen – Blue Me Away! For the scratch marks, I used a black Stripe Rite Striper to create the outline, then filled it in with a white Stripe Rite Striper, then took my black once more to create the leopard spots.


I really like the colours used on this mani, and may be doing more neon nails soon. Neons just scream summer! I love it! Speaking of summer (or in some cases- winter), how’s everyone’s doing? Mine’s going well but fast :( I'll actually be camping most of next week with my friend, so I’ve been trying to conjure up some mani pedi ideas that will be camper friendly (we’ll be swimming a lot, so that means no embellishments :( Any ideas?

Thanks for reading as always and have a great day!