Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Brunch At Timothy’s Nail Art

First off, I would just like to say that I absolutely LOVE the title for today’s post! For some reason, it just makes me incredibly happy and smile uncontrollably every time I think of it, or look at it.

The reason I chose the title is because I initially started with a base of New York Color – Mint Macaroon, and added Wet n Wild – Kaleidoscope to my middle finger and thumb nails, then realized it looked similar to Tiffany inspired nails (However, a different shade of blue). I was not aiming for this, but thought if I kept adding features, the similarity would go away- I was wrong. My final attempt distinguishing a difference was adding the white peacock feather decal. Again, I was wrong; I still see Tiffany & Co. when I look at these nails! I finally gave in, and thought, “No, let’s play along with this…. How about ‘Brunch at Timothy’s’?!”
And thus, the name stuck! (in fact, the name alone makes me love these nails so much more than I originally did!)



As I already stated, I used NYC – Mint Macaroon as my base and added Wet n Wild – Kaleidoscope for some extra glitter. I used silver striping tape for my pinky nails, added a white peacock feather decal* to my index fingers, and created a white bow out of white acrylic for my ring fingers. This was (basically) my first time creating 3D acrylic- what do you think of it?


Wet n Wild – Kaleidoscope was one of the first polishes I bought when I started doing nails, and I still love it! Its from the Wild Shine line and for only $.99, it’s a steal!


I’m really happy I decided to go for a mix and match theme today. I’ve been wanting to do 3D acrylic on myself for a while now, and have been waiting for a perfect opportunity to use my feather decals again!

I had a lot of fun creating these nails (even more fun creating a title!!! haha)!

Thanks for reading!!

*Provided by Born Pretty Store for a review. See review here


  1. i LOVE these nails! and the name :) these are so pretty and i love that big bow!

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like the name as well :D haha!