Thursday, June 27, 2013

3D Grape Nail Art

I've really been liking 3D nail art, and once I read that Katy over at Nailed It was having a 3D nail art contest sponsored by Born Pretty, I figured it was the perfect opportunity practicing my new nail art hobby :) I had a few things in mind, but narrowed it down to a few ideas. I decided grapes would be a fun and a relatively easy idea (plus I had a grapevine to use as a prop. Sadly, there were no grapes on it :( ).



I didn’t have a nice grape coloured acrylic powder, so I mixed red and purple.



My base colour is L'Oreal – Park Ave Luncheon. The leaves were made with a detail brush using China Glaze – Starboard and Nina Ultra Pro – Leaf Me Alone. The vines were made with a mixture of browns. I also added some shimmer to the leaves and grapes using different shimmery polishes.



As you can see, the grapes don’t stick out too much, but still add a nice touch of 3D.

Thanks for reading and wish me luck! :)