Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spooky Eyes and Spider Web Nails

Nothing original today, but I still like them. I don’t think I could go a Halloween without spider webs. They’re so classic and easy! This was actually my first time making a white spider web, though. I usually do black, but this is a nice change :) I’m not too used to black nail polish on myself, either, but it’s so different for me that I am coming to love it. It can be really sophisticated if you want it to be… but not today- today I went for a more fun approach!

DSCN1295 DSCN1298

I used two coats of Wet n Wild – Black Crème for my base on every nail. For my index finger, I made two white dots just touching one another, then added two black dots inside to make a pair of eyes. I used a white Stripe Rite striper to make a spider web on my ring finger.


Halloween is almost here! Is anyone going to any parties and/or dressing up? My neighborhood likes to get together to have a small Halloween party (by party, I mean they just pass out treats to the kids so they don’t have to go from door to door) each year, so I just wore white and orange eye shadow and made a spider web on the outside of my eye with black eyeliner. I went all out, right? Haha!


  1. This is more than cute. We had the same idea for Halloween nails, I posted something similar the other day! I am not a Halloween party fan and I don't celebrate this event, the only thing that I made together with my daughter, we chopped a pumpkin.