Saturday, September 1, 2012

Half Stripe Manicure

Boy have I missed blogging! The last post I made was about the Liebster Award, and the last nail post was over one week ago!

These nails were from a while ago, and I was stumped when thinking of something to paint on my nails. I decided to go to my copy of “The Wah Nails Book of Nail Art.” I went from page to page, trying to find something fast and easy to paint on my nails. I finally decided on the half stripe mani featured on page 26.



I used China Glaze – Electric Beat for my blue base. I then used a white striper to mark where I wanted my stripes to start. I filled in the areas I wanted white with Sally Hansen – Pure White Tip. Once the white dried I used a black striper to create the black stripes.

This mani actually looked better in person; in the photos you can see some smudging and air bubbles. In person, it looked nearly perfect!

I hope to get back to more frequent and constant posts soon. Please forgive me if I don’t! On the plus side- I have a lot of Halloween posts already on my files from last year, so you can expect double the nails in October! Unfortunately, you still have to wait a month for that!


  1. pretty pretty,
    such a nice change to the normal stripes!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    makes me want to get tons of strippers so badly > <

    1. Thank you, thank you! Having stripers on hand is always nice, but not necessary. You could just use a striper brush and use any polish you have. I buy most of my stripers from dollar stores :)

  2. Gorgeous and daring, I've just love these stripes! I really don't care about the bubbles, this mani is awesome, anyway. Moreover, you're forgiven, never mind!
    Rock Ur Nails!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like them! I'm also glad you can forgive me for sporadic posting!