Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Portal Nail Art

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but I go to high school for half of a day, then go to a vocational-technical school for the other half. I go for cosmetology (shocker, right?) and today was the first day of tech. I loved it last year, and now that I’m a senior, I know what to expect and the year is basically a review for me :) Anyhow… everyone wanted to see my nails and before I let them see, I started with, “My brother convinced me to play a video game, and my nails were inspired by it.” Nobody actually knew the game except my friend who demanded a picture to show his friend who is also into the game.

My top coat was goopy and I didn’t feel like adding thinner to it, so it didn’t go on very smoothly and left some bubbles. Grr.



The quality of the photos below are pretty poor, so I decided to put more than the usual amount in, in hopes that it gives you a better image of the theme.

portal nails 4

portal nails 3

Now, I should explain them:
Index fingers: Companion cube (a cube that you use for an entire level. It will never threaten to stab you.)
Middle fingers: the logo
Ring fingers: two portals
My right pinky: “The cake is a lie.” (a sentence that is written over and over in ‘secret’ ‘rooms’)
My left pinky: the cake that is a lie (or is it?)

portal nails 1

I hope you all enjoyed my Portal nails!

portal nails 2

Have you played Portal? Have you done video game nails?

Thanks for reading!

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