Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sparkling Stripes Nails

Today’s nails are super simple, but oh so pretty. There wasn’t much of any inspiration behind them. I was actually in search of a different polish when I went to the store, but as I assumed- it was gone. But you know what they say: “If you can’t find what you’re looking for when you go to the beauty store, then buy something else you like, but didn’t have the intention on buying in the first place”… or something like that :)

Needless to say I did not leave empty handed. I welcomed a new nail buffer and Seche – Collage Overlay when I got home. It was a pleasant surprise to find Collage Overlay, though; I think it was a limited edition polish a few months ago?


I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my nails, but I did know I wanted to try out my new polish, so I just applied three coats of Rimmel London – Magnetise, and then applied one coat of Seche – Collage Overlay. I did have to pick out most of the white glitters, however.

To trick myself into thinking I was all artsy and creative that day, I created an accent nail, using Orly – Au Champagne as my base, then made one stroke of Sally Girl – Sparkle down the center of my nail. I then used a silver Stripe Rite striper to outline Sparkle. To add even more sparkle, I placed a colourful crystal rhinestone from Born Pretty near my cuticle.


These nails bubbled a little bit because I am impatient and don’t know how to let layers of polish dry. It’s not super noticeable though, so I kept them on until I noticed a chip.


Thanks for reading!! Are you guilty of buying polish you were not in search for?