Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Snapchat Nail Art

Today I bring you Snapchat nails!! I was really excited to do them and hopefully you’re all excited to see them! If you use Snapchat I’m sure you’ll like them!
For my index finger I used a base of Julie G – Dream in Pretty, and used a white Art Club striper to make the camera image, then used a dotting tool to create the lens. For my ring finger, I used a base of Sally Hansen – Mellow Yellow, and a black Stripe Rite striper to create the outline of the Snapchat mascot, then filled it in with the white Art Club striper. for my middle and pinky fingers, I used a base of New York Color – French White Tip, then used a red Lacura  polish and detail brush to make the arrow and box.
And this HAD to be done:photo (4)
Thanks for reading! Do you use Snapchat? Do you ever Snapchat your nails to anyone?


  1. hahahah i love this! your little ghost is perfect! my friends and i snapchat all the time. i like it because i need to use my data plan to send picture texts but i can use wifi for snapchat. thought my friends pretty much just like to send photos of their faces. like i know what your face looks like hahaha. i'll send my nails but they don't really care about them lol. i like to snap chat pics of my cat too haha.

    1. Thanks!
      Hahaha! Oh, the things we receive when Snapchatting! Haha! I agree- friends don't always show interest in nails, but that's what blogging is for! I love sending pictures of my dog, too :)