Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oz: The Great and Powerful Inspired Nails: Logo

Great news! Oz comes out this Friday in the States!! By now a lot of you are probably getting sick of hearing about it from me, no? Even if you are, I still hope you’re not annoyed with my Oz themed nails :)

DSCN2157 DSCN2154
I used two coats of Rimmel London – Camouflage for my green base on my ring fingers, then used Orly – Glitz for the Oz logo. On the rest of my nails, I used two coats of Orly – Glitz, followed by one coat of OPI – When Monkeys Fly!.

When Monkeys Fly! is a really pretty glitter from the new collection by OPI inspired by the new Oz movie. The only problem is the large gold glitters tend to curl.

I hope to be able to create more Oz inspired nails after seeing the movie (no worries- I won’t give away any spoilers. However, I may be inspired by something from the movie, but I’ll do my best to stray away from them… No promises though!)

Off to see the Wizard!


  1. oooh this is so pretty! i can't wait to see the movie!

    1. Thank you so much! I thought the movie was amazing!

  2. I love the Oz logo!! Not a big fan of the Oz OPIs, wish they were more traditional Oz colors and the curling glitter is horrible!

    1. Thanks! I agree- I think there should have been a green polish in the collection.