Thursday, March 8, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day Glitter Gradient nails

I have meant to make this post since Sunday, and am just now getting it up. I’ve been busy with a few things, and then this post was pushed back further when I forgot to take pictures of the gold polish. Then once I finally took pictures, I realized I took pictures without the SD card in my camera, and didn’t want to take the time to figure out how to do it that way. So anyway, I am finally ready for this post…

I haven’t been able to take good quality pictures lately. So, here they are:102_2333I decided do a green glitter gradient on the tips at first, but then decided to go for something a little more obvious for St. Patrick’s Day (the pot of gold).102_2332

It may look like I was just lazy and painted the gold everywhere, but I was neat at first with the application until I decided to make it look like it was over flowing.

I applied a french base a first, then I used a cosmetic sponge to apply green polish, then I randomly swiped on some green glitter polish. To make the pot of gold, I made a small simple black pot, then I sponged on some gold nail polish, then to make the gold a little more sparkly, I sponged on some gold glitter. Done! Good luck with this design if you decide to recreate it! It’s pretty easy.


The polishes used:

  • Call You Later – Sinful Colors
  • Camouflage – Rimmel London
  • Goldmine – Wet n Wild
  • All About you – Sinful Colors

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  1. Love this look! It has just the right amount of bling!