Monday, February 13, 2012

Classy Valentine nails

I broke off the tip of my thumb nail on Friday, so I cut them all down. It’s actually kind of nice; they are more practical now. It is a good thing that it broke on Friday though, considering I only paint my nails once a week (on the weekend), and it would be the last day for that manicure anyway.
This is the final design I created for Valentine’s Day this year:
Flashy, yet classy.
Do they remind anyone else of The Wizard of Oz? Just slightly?
Here is my inspiration:
First I applied a nude color, and then made black curved tips once dried. To add the Valentine’s effect, I added small red hexagon glitters in alignment to the black. To finish I added small red hearts made with red acrylic paint to all of the nails except the ring finger. For the ring finger I made a heart out of the red hexagons.
I used a nude color from L.A. Colors (I don’t know the name), and the black used was “Black Crème” from Wet n Wild.
I am happy that Valentine’s Day is just about over because now I don’t feel obligated to paint hearts every time I paint my nails.