Sunday, January 5, 2014

KKCenterHK Skull and Stud Review

I’ve finally made time to post this review that I’ve had on my camera for a few weeks now. I’ve been sent some more products for review by KKCenterHK. This time I was sent a metal skull and some silver studs.
I picked up China Glaze – Bump in the Night on clearance last month and knew it would go well with both of the products. I used it on my ring finger, and to contrast it I used Love & Beauty – Lavender on the rest of my nails to contrast the black.
I simply added the studs on with top coat and added a generous amount of top coat around them to secure them in place. For the skull, I used a bead of acrylic because the back is a bit concave
They all lasted me the day I had them on, but I did take them off before I went to bed, so I don’t know how well they would hold up during slumber :)
I loved how edgy these nail were, yet there was practically no effort put into them. You can pick up the studs and skull at KKCenterHK along with many other nail art supplies.
Have a great week everyone!
*Products provided for honest review

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  1. i love this!! its so bad ass! such a great look with not much effort :)