Thursday, October 17, 2013

KKCenterHK Stamping Plate Review

Hello all! Today I have a long overdue review for KKCenterHK’s stamping plate [NNAIL-SPPQA11]. I received this plate in return for my honest opinion.

I actually used this stamp once already, but didn’t like the outcome of the nail art. I am quite pleased with it this time around.


For my non accent nails, I used Nina Ultra Pro – Black topped with Ebalay – 018. I reviewed Ebalay 018 in this post.

For my accent nail I used Sally Hansen – Sun Kissed with a black cat stamped on top.


I really like all of the images on the plate, but today I only have one to show you. I’m still working on my stamping skills, so you’ll be seeing more of this plate in the future.


You can purchase this plate at KKCenterHK. If you’re into stamping I would totally recommend this one because the images are all pretty cute :)

Thanks for reading!